Problem Logging In – by: KYFHO

Did you register at ? The forums and the software are two separate accounts. You can reset your password for the software there if need be. …read more

Google Play revamps its Android apps‘ age ratings

Later this week, Google Play will revamp the way it rates apps. The Android store will abandon the low/medium/high maturity classifications it has used … …read more

T-Mobile to start selling LG G4 by May 27

By Ida Torres Starting May 27, those looking for a brand new smartphone (that isn’t a fruit or a Samsung) may very well consider LG’s new flagship, the G4, as…

Microsoft will release its Cortana voice-control app for iOS and Android, too

Do you have room in your heart for more than one smartphone voice assistant? How about just on your phone? Microsoft announced Tuesday that it … …read more

What is your opinion? First hand Big Blind AA – by: darts501

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Microsoft gets more OEMs, device partners to install apps on Android devices

By R Padla If you can’t beat them, join them. This is exactly what Microsoft is doing in the mobile industry. Because it may be long before Windows Phone will…

Open Sourcing Beats Crowdsourcing on the Road to Success, Says Red Hat’s … –

TheStreet.comAnd while “crowdsourcing” may be the buzzword of the day for entrepreneurs and moviemakers trying to raise money from the masses for their pet projects, Whitehurst said open sourcing (which…

Microsoft intros Windows 10 Phone Companion app, Cortana for Android

By R Padla Microsoft knows that it can’t compete outrightly with Android or iOS yet. Windows Phone may already be out there but it still hasn’t captured a relevant percentage…