Saved once by Indiegogo, this company is now crowdsourcing a new game – The Next Web

The Next WebJust a couple years ago, Lab Zero was in trouble. After creating a well-received fighting video game called ‘Skullgirls,’ the developers were bled dry by the legal troubles…

Huememory wants you to memorize, choose, and identify colored dots

By R Padla With thousands to probably millions of arcade games available on Google Play Store, it can be hard to just stick to one favorite. Of course, that’s really…

Successful Kickstarter for Rails Composer

Reached the funding goal for the Kickstarter for Rails Composer and will add Bootstrap templates to the next version. I’m very grateful for the outpouring of support for the project….

HP announces OpenSwitch

By (Thom Holwerda) HP today announced the launch of the OpenSwitch community and a new open source network operating system (NOS). HP and key supporters, Accton Technology Corporation, Arista,…

WeCUP Ranking 2015 – by: Emmeler

2015 October 4th – WEC 2015 Ranking New WeC players: WeC account change: GnomeHole from LiLaLux We CUP Ranking We CUP Ranking (compact) We CUP Games We CUP Players We…

Chapeau Linux Is No Longer Using the Korora Software Repositories

… Linux pushed an update to the chapeau-repos package on the day of October 4, 2015, removing the Korora software repository from the distribution. …read more

Google ordered to stop anti-competitive Android practices in Russia

If its partners want to sell a phone that includes the Google Play Store — and, therefore, access to most Android apps — they’re currently required to … …read more

ZUK Z1 review

If you are at all familiar with Cyanogen or Cyanogenmod, then you will feel right at home with the ZUK Z1. Related: CyanogenMod 11S – Feature … …read more