Xperia Z5 Family hands-on photos snapped before official launch

By R Padla This is gonna be a busy week for Sony. The gates Of IFA have opened which means a lot of companies will be unveiling their latest products…

Nueva ‘app‘ de Google conecta relojes inteligentes Android con el iPhone de Apple

Google presentó una aplicación que conectará los “smartwatches” Android con los iPhone de Apple, dándole un giro a la lucha entre los gigantes … …read more

Wikimedia Research Newsletter, August 2015

By Tilman Bayer Vol: 5 • Issue: 8 • August 2015 [contribute] [archives] OpenSym 2015 report; PageRank and wiki quality; news suggestions; the impact of open access With contributions by:…

Line Launcher lets you customize your Android smartphones even more

By Ida Torres If LINE is your free message and call app of choice and you enjoy all their stickers and characters and bonus materials, then we’ve finally found the…


By (osdezmandamentos2015) Author: osdezmandamentos2015Tags: Posted: 02 September 2015Rating: 0.0Votes: 0 …read more

TurboCharged Demonstrates Crypto Currency In Gaming

“GameCredits is the first free open source gaming currency made by … Initially set to be released as a time-shifted multiplayer game, a real-time … …read more

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s best deals include YouTube Gaming on Android, Dragon Quest V on … Some apps may require in-app purchases for extra features or levels, … …read more

Google debuts brand new logo, evolves new identity for all brands

By Ida Torres Google surprised everybody when they unveiled their brand new identity today. Don’t worry, yes, they’re still the same old search engine you’ve depended upon like it was…