Varnish Software launches Zipnish an open source tool for microservices performance tracking

Twitter developed the open source software Zipkin in 2012 to address this issue, however it only supports Java architectures. Varnish Software today … …read more

A powerful way to deploy to Heroku

In this blog post I describe how I built a custom deployment system, which uses Hubot, Jenkins and other means to provide fast, stable, predictable, and very customizable deploys: …read…

Snap for Android lets you access your widgets from any app

I’m a big fan of Android apps that let you add shortcuts to commonly used functions and settings, because they help you save time and make it easy to ……

BBC Step 1 – Daily Cups – Season 25 – by: Nelly

BBC 3294 Step 1 Monday, November 30th 2015 – 23:00 CET M311oD fantomas75 cb65 Fjohn 827 pastorROCAA Ghost__ Saufi smoochy DerBlödmann Congratulations M311oD and fantomas75 Bravo cb65 BBC 3294 Step…

LG G3 Gets Android 6.0 Marshmallow via CyanogenMod 13 Custom ROM [How To Install]

But if users want to try exploring the newest update now, they could install the CyanogenMod CM13 series custom ROM, developed by Tim Klein (aka … …read more

Adobe Premiere Clip: Edición de vídeos en Android

Adobe Premiere Clip: Edición de vídeos en Android … permanecer varios meses como una app exclusiva de iOS, ahora llega al territorio de Android. …read more

Android Shedun Malware: New Malware That Can Grant Access to Your Phone; Malware

Security research experts at Lookout have discovered a new Android … versions of popular android apps like Candy Crush, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and … …read more

Death knell for PokerTH ! – by: Furrball

On the issue of the ranking site, until they bring it back up in a stable manner, I noticed there’s a mitigating factor in the form of those image links…