Valentine’s Day Cup – by: joe4135

Valentine’s Day Cup Congratulations josefa_belo! josefa_belo G4Zijoe4135 …read more

Community digest—Estonians working on a new feedback system for Wikipedia articles

By Ivo Kruusamägi, Subhashish Panigrahi and Ed Erhart WikiComment’s creators hope that their tool will assist in putting on education programs, like the one seen here in Ukraine. Photo by…

BBC Step 1 – Daily Cups – Season 26 – by: sp0ck

BBC 3619 Step 1 Saturday, February 13th 2016 – 22:30 CET KeeZman HerDudernes Species8472 destouches Kleinvieh Mandes Claudia40 sp0ck Ghost__ ldobransky Congratulations KeeZman and HerDudernes Bravo Species8472 BBC 3619 Step…

Scores for WE CUP’s 2016 – by: Emmeler

♣ ♥ ♠ ♦ WeCUP #3065 – 13.02.2016 22:00:00 ♦ ♠ ♥ ♣ 1. Victor_mpt 145 wins with [J♦ ,T♥ ] Three of a Kind 2. essex.lm 145 eliminated by…

Bundler – WordPress Blog Theme

… the power of Bundler blog theme. Bundler WordPress Blog Theme Description Bundler is a WordPress Blog Theme in clean and bold Design. It’s p… …read more

Valentine’s Day Cup – by: Nelly

Table 5 result: BBC 3618 Step 1 Saturday, February 13th 2016 – 21:00 CET G4Zi rbdflyboy S.SURFER Garline ganja DerBlödmann BlueFlush joanna1 sniper29400 Congratulations G4Zi and rbdflyboy Bravo S.SURFER BBC…

Latest Android Malware with Rooting Abilities Can Wipe Your Data

These messages contain the Android app file APK, which has the infected link. When the link is clicked upon by the user, this malicious APK file gets … …read more

A successful Ruby on Rails performance analysis guideline …read more